Nokubegha – TB Silent Killer – Superhero run
March 6, 2017 Alex Thompson

On Sunday 14th May we will be running for Nokubegha through The Aletheia Foundation in the London Superhero Run in Regents Park. Please join us and run, jog or walk 5k or 10k to help give Nok a brighter future…

After TB – Return of the Plague was transmitted, the Aletheia Foundation received donations to help Nokubegha which significantly changed her life. We have been paying for her school fees, books and uniforms and were able to build a toilet and install a water tank; she was previously using water from a waterhole used by donkeys, cows and other animals which caused her to regularly get sick. We have been able to keep track of her well-being with the help of Sandile who worked as a driver on the film, four times a year Sandile travels to see Nok and brings her essential food and clothing.
The donations have now run out and Nokubegha still needs our help – without us she won’t be able to continue to go to school and will have to walk 30k a day.
Please join us on Sunday 14th May in Regents Park and run, jog or walk 5k or 10k to help give Nok a brighter future. More Information about the race is attached and you can sign up hereĀ
If you would like to sponsor us you can do so via our JustGiving pageĀ
Alex Thompson

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