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Poor Kids US

November 2016
Barbara, Kaylie & Tyler : Kaylie is in the swimming team at school and she recently passed her blue belt in Tae Kuan Do. She is studying hard and scored all A’s and B’s for her latest school work.  Tyler is also doing well, he is going to Job Corps which is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. Barbara is now working long hours at Maid Rite, her mom has helped her to rent a new house with a view to eventually buying it, she is now saving up for household appliances as they don’t have a fridge or a stove. Barbara still receives food stamps and has also been applying for several months for a better paid job at a factory but shes says that they are scarce and hard to get.
She would like to thank the viewers for recent donations, they will enable her to buy Kaylie and Tyler new clothes, shoes and school supplies and a new bed set for Kaylie’s room and it will also go towards buying household appliances.

Denise & Sera: “Sera is now in high school. It’s a school for creative kids so she fits in pretty well. She’s made some really good friends. She’s really gotten into music so she’s teaching herself how to play her acoustic guitar with YouTube videos. She’s also going to take chorus to improve her singing voice. She’s even talked about starting a band.
I’m still writing and submitting stories to magazines. I’ve gotten stories sent up for a second read twice and responses other than that have been good. Sera and I are both still very active in the SCA.
Beth has been pretty busy with Harley. She was attending college classes, but had to stop due to lack of childcare for Harley. She’s working on getting that issue solved so she can go back to school. She’s also learning to drive.
Please thank the viewers for their donations, teenagers always need so many things, it will help us a lot!”



Johnny & Family
News from Classie: “Well our jobs are not so good, we had to apply for unemployment and file for unpaid wages from WIS International, so we left that job and are currently looking for something else.
The kids are ok, Johnny is in Chicago with my mom as he needs a push with his school work, he’s in charter school and night school in order to get more credits and better grades. I pray for him in the big city, that’s why we came up north, to bring him to my mom. Jaylan and Joshua are both in honors classes. Jaylan wants to go to the army and Johnny is still playing football and lost all feeling in his body, but thankfully he’s ok. Jasmine is fine, she’s just being a teenager.
We are just taking it day by day, but of course you always need things with kids; shoes, clothes and there are bills to pay.
Please thank the viewers for their donations from the bottom of our hearts because it’s such a help and will go towards car insurance, lights and rent.”



Brittany’s family
“Roger Graduated High School a year and a half earlier than his classmates. We are extremely proud of the way our children are growing up.
We had some sad news recently, we lost my mother in law unexpectedly. She had no life insurance, so along with my husband’s sister we had to find money for her funeral costs.
Viewers donations will be a great help, please send our thanks.”




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