The Aletheia Foundation, registered charity no 1110096 (formerly True Vision Foundation) was founded by Brian Woods, Deborah Shipley and Jezza Neumann, producers of BAFTA award winning films and Directors of True Vision Productions.

True Vision Productions has an extensive track record producing Emmy, BAFTA and Grierson award-winning films for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and HBO with a special interest in giving a voice to young people and socially disadvantaged groups. We have a reputation for combining journalistic rigour with sensitively-made programming, often working with vulnerable individuals involved in a variety of difficult circumstances.

Because of this, we understand that our films can ignite passions in our viewers who may want to help the people featured in the films or help the cause we are highlighting. When donations can be channelled through existing NGOs, we direct our audience straight to these organisations, however, there have been many occasions where no charities are working in the particular area where we have highlighted an issue, or there are compelling reasons why we cannot make direct links to organisations on the ground.

Historically, we would grow charities out of the films that were made, such as – COCOA, Care Of China’s Orphaned and Abandoned, The Orphans of Nkandla Trust and The Campaign for Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children. When we realized that films had the power to raise awareness and support for social issues and injustice, we decided that instead of repeatedly creating new bespoke charities, we would launch The Aletheia Foundation so that anyone who wished to help the people featured in our films would be able to, safely in the knowledge that their donations would help those individuals and the causes directly.

We continue to work closely with charities that support the wider issues raised by our films, and always seek to direct viewers to these charities if they wish to help people in similar situations to those depicted in the films. The Foundation is for those viewers who are keen to help the individuals featured in our films, and provides a more transparent and accountable system for channelling such offers of help than the more informal process of money being sent to the production company and where there is no other charitable vehicle through which assistance can reach contributors.

Films that make a difference

Over the past twenty years, True Vision together with the Aletheia Foundation has supported and helped so many families and charities that we have had the pleasure to get to know. Thanks to donations from viewers, The Foundation has been able to:

  • 1. Provide school tuition and good quality education
  • 2. Help with housing
  • 3. Help build and improve local communities around the world
  • 4. Provide Medical treatment where needed