Whatever you need to know about The Aletheia Foundation, read our Frequently Asked Questions to find your answer. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact

  • I saw one of the True Vision films and I want to do something to help. What do I do?

We’re delighted that one of our films has inspired you to help make a difference. Contact us via our contact page and let us know how you would like to help. A member of our team will contact you and we can take things from there.

  • I am from a Charity. Can I get funding from The Aletheia Foundation?

No. We are only able to act as a facilitator between existing charities that may be involved with our documentaries and between viewers who may wish to offer some financial assistance directly to the families/causes featured in our films. Where no charity exists, we ensure that any donations for a particular contributor go to that individual directly.

  • I can’t decide who to help. Can I make a donation, rather than helping one particular child or family?

Absolutely. We are constantly working with various charities and a little donation can go a long way. Our board of trustees, together with our extensive reporting and auditing, ensure that all donations sent to the charity are used to support our contributors or the charities we are involved with, and will make sure your donation is well spent.

  • Can I find out how my donation has helped children and families?

Yes. Once you have made a donation our team will be in touch with you to discuss how you would like to proceed. We want you to be part of the decision making process, so we can talk you through various projects we are supporting.

  • How can I be sure that my donation is being used correctly?

Our Trustees are completely independent of True Vision to ensure transparency and accountability. While the company directors of True Vision are on the board of trustees of the Aletheia Foundation, they are a minority, with the majority of trustees entirely independent of True Vision. We also follow a rigorous charity monitoring procedure to ensure we adhere to all policies and guidelines.

  • Are the families told about The Aletheia Foundation before filming?

The foundation is completely separate from True Vision Productions and does not play any role in the development, casting or production of True Vision Films. If, following broadcast, a donation has been received for a particular contributor then the families will be notified. The possibility of receiving funds is not raised or discussed with the families involved in our filmmaking to ensure there is no ulterior motive for being involved.

  • What if my donation can’t be sent to the individual or family I was hoping to help?

We will do all we can to ensure that any help offered, financial or otherwise, is passed on to the specific contributors. However, when for some reason this is not, the trustees reserve the right to help other individuals in similar situations. You will be contacted if this is the case and your donation will be discussed with you.

  • Can I contact the family or individuals that I have helped directly?

No. Although we understand that you might want to stay in touch with the contributors, all contact must go via The Aletheia Foundation to ensure that all recipients are protected.

    • I’d like to post some clothes or gifts to some of the families or individuals featured in the film. Can I post them directly?

It’s great that you’d like to send something to the families but sometimes clothes are not the right thing to send, as so much depends on sizing and it’s a shame to send something that might not fit. You are welcome to send us vouchers that we can send on to the families so they may choose things themselves, or speak to us and we can talk through different options.

PLEASE NOTE: We will try our best to accommodate your wishes and would never deter you from donating. Our recommendations are just advice; the decision of what to donate is yours.