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Growing Up Poor Lads – Frankie

Growing Up Poor Lads “Frankie”

A letter from a viewer who helped Frankie:

“Since “Growing Up Poor” was aired in January 2013. I offered to help the three lads to get a start in their working lives.

Of the three Frankie has really excelled himself. Despite his very challenging home circumstances, a lack of resources, his ambitious plan was to put all that behind him and to study for a degree at University. His determination, willingness to work and genuine good nature really shone through in the programme.

I was able support and encourage Frankie, who worked hard to gain a University place and jumped through all the hoops to access a student tuition loan and maintenance grant. Frankie certainly kept to his part of the deal and did all the hard work!

In November 2016 Frankie graduated Honours BA in Computer Animation (2-1) by the University of East London. He is now working as a Software Consultant with Sparta Global and is very excited about his future in an industry he loves.

True Vision’s “Growing up Poor” documentary certainly showed the extent of unused talents and abilities which are being wasted throughout the UK and abroad. The Aletheia Foundation is the perfect conduit for those who would like to make a positive difference for those who lack the required resources but not the ambition.

I look forward to being updated about the foundation and wish you well in the future.

Alex Thompson

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