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Nokubegha Visit – May 2018

Report on behalf of the Aletheia Foundation, May 2018

Sandile visited Nokubegha at the home that she shares with her brother during the school holidays. The aim of the visit was to see how Nokubegha is getting on at her new school and to bring food and essentials to her.

Nokubheka likes her new school and told Sandile that her new friends are helping her with her school work. She still wants to be a nurse and knows that she needs to study hard to be able to do so. Her health has also improved as she doesn’t have to walk long distances to and from school every day.

As the temperature where she lives is so hot, she is finding that the fridge that the Aletheia foundation purchased for her is a huge help.

Nokubheka asked Sandile to say a very big thank you from her to the foundation and its donors for all their support and help.

Her first term results are due soon, we are looking forward to seeing them.


Sandile visited Bheki to hear his news and to pass on donations from Aletheia donors. Bheki’s health is currently stable, he also said a big thank you. He plans on using donations to buy winter clothing and to go to South Africa to check on his mother in hospital.

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