17 Apr
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Frontline Poor Kids – A Very Sad Day

Last night an amazing young man lost his life in a car accident. Roger, who took part in “Frontline Poor Kids” and more recently an updated version, was killed when his car hit ice and rolled. The irony of this is that when we saw him recently Lauren and Jezza encouraged him to get his licence so he’d have more independence and job oppourtunities, never thinking for a minute that it would end his life.

If you are in the USA please watch “Poor Kids” and you will see for yourself what an amazing brother he was to Zak and Brittany, his dad’s best mate and was still his mum’s gentle giant. We truly believed Roger was going to work his way out of a life of poverty and struggle but sadly it was not to be. When you have little in life, family becomes so much more important and we know he will leave a massive whole in the hearts of those he has left behind. We feel honoured to have been able to at least capture some of his great qualities on film and that through the films we have made together he has inspired others to look at kids growing up in poverty in a different light.

RIP Roger, you were a great kid, an inspiration to many and you will be greatly missed.

Please help us all stand united and help pay for this young man’s send off to heaven.


Alex Thompson

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