15 Aug
  • By Alex Thompson
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Looking After Mum

Every day across the country an army of unsung child heroes faces extraordinary challenges that most adults would struggle to cope with. They are Britain’s 700,000 young carers.

While many feel stigmatised, overlooked and even bullied by a society that doesn’t understand the difficulties they face, others are fiercely proud and protective of their role. In this film we get to know four young carers, giving us a rare chance to see into their world – a world that can lurch between joy and heartache in an instant.

Over the course of several months these young carers allowed our cameras to follow them and their families as they deal with situations most adults would struggle to cope with.  All four look after mothers who need continual care – from a life-threatening condition to mental health problems and blindness.  What unites them is their deeply engrained sense of responsibility and an unbreakable bond with their mother.  They all have to find a way to balance their caring roles with the need to still have and enjoy a childhood.

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Alex Thompson