15 Aug
  • By Alex Thompson
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China’s Stolen Children

Ten years after the policy-changing and award-winning film, The Dying Rooms, the same team returns to a very different China where the infamous One Child Policy has had the horrific side effect of a boom in stolen children.

With extraordinary access to devastated parents desperately searching for their stolen son; a man who brokers the deals and has sold his own offspring; and prospective parents grappling with giving up their soon-to-be-born daughter through lack of options, we are brought face to face with the crisis that such a stringent government policy has created among China’s poorest people.

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After the film there was a flurry of interest to try and locate missing children. The parents hunting for children were then asked to give statements to their local police. But these things unfortunately take a great deal of time in a place like China – where the very system that should be helping actually serves to hinder progress

Alex Thompson