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Nokubegha – highs and lows of 2017

Nokubegha : It has been a rollercoaster of a year for Nokubegha. With so many highs and lows. After having made great progress in school and finally making a few friends. She then found out the best news of all – that she is free of TB.

Her year almost ended with a huge disappointment. She applied to her closest Secondary School and was turned down. The school have said that they do not have a place for her, but our sources told us that it could be because she lost so much time at school due to her prolonged illness, she would be so much older than the other children in her class.

Our liaison in Swaziland has been to speak to another school, it is slightly further afield and Nok will have to rent a room closeby during term time, but they have agreed to give her a place as long as she passes her exams.  Nokubegha and her brothers are obviously delighted, as are we.

Nokubegha and her brothers would like to thank viewers for your support and help this year.


Alex Thompson

Thinking of you, Nok. Keeping you in my prayers. I know you will do well in school! Thank you, Petra for the updates. I am so grateful to you for letting us know how Nok is doing. With love from the United States.

Hi Heather, Thank you for your continued support and interest in NOkubeghas life. Best wishes over the holiday season. Petra

Wonderful news.! Wishing Nokubegha and her brothers all the best.
Is it possible to see any recent file of Nokubegha and hear how she is feeling now and what she would like fro her future?

Hi Frances,
This post was written when our man in Swaziland visited Nok this month and relates to how she is feeling now.
Thanks very much for your continued support and interest in Nokubegha.
Best wishes,
The Aletheia Foundation

Hey Petra, The new website looks great and i know you are very proud of the work the Aletheia Foundation has affected so many people in such a positive way. I am so happy for Nokubegha and I see I’m not the only person in the U.S. that wanted to take care of this little girl. Her courage is such a inspiration to so many. I would like to get an update on Beckie Stewart when you have a minute. Keep up the great work.
Best Wishes for 2018
William N. (Bill) Sexton U.S. of A

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your message. We have just heard some more great news, after much hard work Nokubegha has passed her primary school exams and is now able to move up to Secondary Schoool. I will post more news as soon as we have further details. I am sure you can imagine that her and her brothers are very proud.

Thanks for your support,


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