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Nokubegha & Bheki visit June 2017




Our associate Sandile went to visit Nokubegha this week. He told her about the superhero run and how many people want to help her and had either taken part in the run or had made a dontation. We asked Sandile to see if there was anything that Nokubegha needed in addition to the usual supplies that we send her as we had raised more than our target at the fundraiser. She said she needed some new shoes and a set of warm clothes, so he purchased those items for her.

Sandile reported that Nokubegha is looking much better this time. Her schoolwork has improved this term, so much so that she came 6th out of 38 in her class.  She wants to go to high school next year and is studying hard. Her and her brother are extremely grateful for the food supplies.  She was also very happy to receive new clothes and said a huge thank you to everyone for their continued support.
Bheki, hasn’t been too well recently, he has been suffering with bad stomach problems. He was very thankful for the donations and said that it will be a great help to both himself and his mother.
Alex Thompson

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