Sharon Thompson

After the film, Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children was aired on BBC in 2010, Sharon Thompson, a Zimbabwean living in the UK, joined the Foundation and headed back out to the country of her birth to help Obert, Esther and Grace – with her 6 month old baby strapped to her.  After a successful mission to get the children who featured in the film back into school and improve their home lives, Sharon has continued to work tirelessly to make education a reality for more children in Zimbabwe. During 2017 the number of children we are now reaching in Zimbabwe is over 4,000 through programmes such as school development, teacher training, conservation agriculture, providing a nutritious meal every day and many more.  All of our work in Zimbabwe started with a film and 3 children telling their heartbreaking story.  Sharon lives in the North West of UK with her husband and two boys who regularly travel back to Zimbabwe with Sharon to visit the children.

Alex Thompson