• By Alex Thompson
  • Cause in United Kingdom

Breadline Kids


Over 300,000 children were given food aid in the UK in 2013. While politicians argue about why so many kids are experiencing food poverty, we ask the children themselves to tell us why they think the cupboards are bare.

Through their eyes, and in their words, we find out what it’s like when there’s just not enough food on the table; when choices have to be made to heat or to eat; when loan companies hear you are struggling and start bombarding you with texts; and when sudden illness means that a normal life vanishes overnight. Broadcast in 2014 to coincide with a major report released by Oxfam, Trussell Trust and Church Action on Poverty, this compassionate and moving portrait of life for the kids on Britain’s breadlines has been made by BAFTA winning director, Jezza Neumann.

To find out more about the film and to watch the trailer, click here.


We had a great response after the film with many viewers offering to help the families featured in the film.

Cara and her grandmother were offered a lovely holiday in Cornwall, an experience that Cara would not have been able to experience, she is featured in the photo at the Eden Project. Another viewer offered to pay for flute lessons, and help with much needed white goods for their house.

Niomi & her family were also offered financial help with bills. 

Becky & Rosie were able to attend a manga workshop, it was a fantastic treat.

All of the families were sent vouchers to enable them to purchase much needed items and also for a special meal out.