07 Dec
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Nokubegha – highs and lows of 2017

Nokubegha : It has been a rollercoaster of a year for Nokubegha. With so many highs and lows. After having made great progress in school and finally making a few friends. She then found out the best news of all – that she is free of TB.

Her year almost ended with a huge disappointment. She applied to her closest Secondary School and was turned down. The school have said that they do not have a place for her, but our sources told us that it could be because she lost so much time at school due to her prolonged illness, she would be so much older than the other children in her class.

Our liaison in Swaziland has been to speak to another school, it is slightly further afield and Nok will have to rent a room closeby during term time, but they have agreed to give her a place as long as she passes her exams.  Nokubegha and her brothers are obviously delighted.



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