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Poor Kids UK

Sam&Kayleigh: Since the film was made Sam who is now 13, his sister Kayleigh and their younger half brother Kaleb have moved to Wales.  Kaleb’s mother was unable to look after him so Steve very willingly took over full time custody, they are all very pleased to have him, but it is an additional financial burden.  Steve now has a part time evening work and is trying very hard to look after the family.

Kayleigh has been able to continue with her education and is currently studying in college and Steve (their father) is able to look after the family and pay for necessities such as heating and electricity bills.


Courtney and Chantelle: Viewer’s donations helped Courtney and Chantelle’s family and to pay essential bills such as electricity and gas  and to buy clothes for the children they also received a holiday and riding lessons. In addition viewers also sent the girls gift vouchers, toys and clothes.


Paige’s family also received donations to help pay essential bills such as electricity and gas  and to buy clothes.  A viewer who wanted to help Paige directly with something she really needed, paid for a new bed and carpet for her bedroom, both of which she is delighted with. Unfortunately Paige’s father passed away this year of testicular cancer which has hit the family very hard. We were able offer some assistance with funeral costs.


Hi I just finished watching Poor Kids UK and was wondering how Sam and his family were getting on? Thanks

Hi Rhys, Since the film was transmitted Sam, his sister Kayleigh, and Steve moved to Wales along wtih their half brother Kaleb. Kayleigh studied in college and has since left home. Sam and Kaleb continue to live with their father Steve in Wales.

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